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Photo Album
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Photo 1
The first picture taken with the hood up.

Notice how it opens from the front, instead of the back like it should.

Photo 2
I asked Bob if I could sit in the Batmobile, he said no, he couldn't let anyone. I then begged him for several minutes and again he said no.

I even offered him $20 to let me sit in it and take a picture and he still said no! Finally I told him I had an old Robin costume with me and said I would put it on if he would let me sit in it. Bob laughed,
(not believing me), and then said "if you really have a Robin costume and put it
on then I'll even take pictures of you".
Bob then went on about his buisness and I could tell he still didn't believe me, so I went and put it on. When I came back in full costume he lit up like a christmas tree and quickly grabed his camera!

Low and behold, the First photo shoot was born! Quite a crowed gathered in the next few minutes and fun was had by all! It was on this day that Bob hired me to go on tour with the car, if I could come up with a Batman costume. Well, as you all know, the rest is history!

Photo 3
The First time I ever got to sit in a Batmobile and it was in a Robin costume that I made in High school for a Halloween party. I never wore it again. As you can see it was crude, but I saved it all those years,
just in case...
Boy am I glad I did!