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Welcome FUTURA Lovers!

Our Futura II kits are molded off of the original Lincoln Futura built by Ford in the late 50's and were not scratch built or sculpted up like the other kits out there are. They were first produced by Bob Butts & I twenty years ago and for many years we were the only company who had them.

If it wasn't for Bob there would be no accurate kits or turnkeys on the market today. Even the ones who have scratch built or or sculpted up their own version of the Futura had access to or took measurements off of one of Bobs cars. So without those cars and kits that Bob made first, these people could not have copied them to come up with their own version. To this day no one has ever taken a mold off of the original car like Bob Butts did. All the other copies and replicas available today came after Bob & I. Always the first, and still the best!

To see a few pictures of our newest kit which has recently been cleaned up, smoothed out, and upgraded to a high quality boat resin & fiberglass (which is both fireproof and alot more flexible then standard fiberglass & resin) click on the "Our Kits" button at the left in the menue. The canopies have also been upgraded to Aircraft Grade Lexan which is alot stronger then regular plexiglass is. These pictures do not show the complete kit or everything that comes with it. For a list of everything along with all the info and details about the kit please call me at (909) 608-2501.