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On the Screen Accurate utility belt the pouches are made from sold blocks of wood that are painted yellow just like on the original belts.

Most people do not know that the pouches on the actual belts were just painted blocks of wood are were not real leather pouches at all. Several of them did have real leather straps and working snaps on them.

The Style #2 wood pouches come with working snaps that open and close and the Style #1 and #3 wood pouches have a different snap that does not open.

The belt itself is all leather and the two piece buckles are made of highly polished brass with the bat emblem etched in place just like the originals.

Each belt is adjustable in the back and ties together exactly like the original belts on the show.

One size pretty much fits all, however please include your waist size when ordering.

These belts are offered in Styles 1, 2, and 3. Style 1 & 3 have the correct thinner wood pouches just like Adam's did. Only Style #2 had the thicker pouch.

Only $274.95