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Photo Album
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Pic 1: This is Bob & I with my good friend Dan R. on the day he bought the
"Rockstar" Bat-Car from us. It was a day Dan and I would NEVER forget!

As only he knows, this was the time Bob told us a true story that was so funny
we almost died from laughing so hard! I mean we literally could not breath because we were laughing ourselves to death!

We both agreed that we have never laughed that hard before, or for that long, and will probably never laugh that hard again.

Thanks for that GREAT day Bob!
(August 2000)





Pic 2 and 3: Dan On The Move!

Pic 4:This is Dan as Batman ,with his friend as Robin, on a typical day while
cruising around in his "ROCKSTAR" Bat-Car.

Your having too much fun Dan!