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Check out the videos below:

Done Too Soon
The title of the song says it all. This video was also made by my friend Scott Torrol as a "Farewell Goodbye" to the original #5 Batmobile that I had toured with for over five years. I always wished he would have used the whole song and added alot more vintage footage from some of my different Batman appearences I had done with the original Batmobile and the 2 original Batcycles I went on tour with. The reason he shortend the song was because he made this video in one night with the same two VCR's and no editing equipment.

We had tons of videos of all my gigs and he only had one night to put this together for me. He wanted to have it done by morning and spent all night untill dawn getting it finished on time.
It was another present he made for me as Scott knew how much I enjoyed touring with  Bob Butts and the #5 Batmobile. It was the end of an era when the tour came to an end and Bob sold the car.
It always was, and still is to this day, my favorite Batmobile of all time.
Watch closely and you will see Adam West and I looking at my utility belt at the first  Batman reunion party in 1988.


This video was put together by a good friend of mine back in the late 1980's.
His name was Scott Torrol. He made it as a gift for me and used scene's from different bat-gigs that I had done up to that time. It was all made on 2 VCR's with no editing equipment but he did a good job
for what he had. The video tape is over 20 years old and quite worn out so the quality is pretty
poor. I thought you would enjoy seeing it anyway as its a fun piece of Bat-History from my past.